Trophy Specialist

Caring For Your Mount


Lay the mount down with the nose facing upward resting on the back of the antlers and the upper base of the neck. Place the mount on a padded surface and pad the area sufficiently to prevent the mount from shifting during transport. Pillows work well.

Always carry the mount with two hands: One hand should grasp each antler or better yet, one hand can gently hold the throat with the other hand on the brisket.


The mount should be hung from a sturdy nail or screw, which should be firmly anchored into a wall stud. Never trust your mount to a drywall hanger. It looks neater to tuck the hair at the base behind the back of the mount.

Do not hang your mount in an area prone to excessive heat or temperature swings. Your mount will last longer if displayed in an area where the humidity is kept between 30% and 70%. Avoid a display area with direct sunlight. Smoking or other airborne pollutants can result in "yellowing" and cracking of the mount over time.


Go over the mount regularly with a feather duster. Clean the eyes with a quality lens cleaner using a Q-tip.

If dirt builds up on the antlers or fur, a soft cloth dampened with water can be used to gently clean the mount.  Wipe the hair with the grain avoiding the painted areas around the eyes, nose, mouth and inside of the ears.

The hair of the mount can be groomed with a standard comb or better yet a hairbrush. Make sure to brush the fur with the grain and avoid brushing around the eyes, nose, mouth and inside of ears (painted areas).

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