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Following are some examples of our standard, high quality commercial work done for customers:


Upright whitetail, alert pose, early season cape

Offset shoulder, mule deer alert pose

Upright, whitetail, left turn, alert pose

Wall pedestal whitetail. alert pose (walnut panel)

Upright whitetail, aggressive pose

Open mouth whitetail, flehmen pose

Upright whitetail, right turn, alert pose 


Alert sneak whitetail, alert pose

Upright with offset shoulder and ears back

Offset shoulder whitetail with ears back, relaxed pose

Upright whitetail, offset shoulders, ears forward, alert pose

flehmen whitetail, semi-sneak pose on table pedestal

Antler mount on walnut panel

Antler mount on oak panel

European mount on walnut wall pedestal

European mount on oak panel

Wall mount, reproduction (replica) walleye

14 pound, 34 inch, reproduction (replica) walleye     

Wall mount, reproduction (replica) chinook (king) salmon

40 pound, 44 inch reproduction (replica) chinook (king) salmon mount

Pedestal mount, reproduction (replica) walleye

13 pound, 33 inch, pedistal mount, reproduction (replica) walleye

Reproduction chinook (king) salmon

Reproduction King Salmon (replica)

Reproduction steelhead (rainbow) that had been in a river for a period

Reproduction lake trout

Reproduction king salmon (chinook)

Reproduction Northern Pike


Reproduction Yellow Perch

Reproduction Walleye

Refurbished and Repaired Largemouth Bass

Refurbished and Repaired Largemouth Bass

Yellow Perch Reproduction



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