Trophy Specialist

Standard Services and Policies

The customer has the choice of either a half shoulder, or a full head and shoulder mount for the same affordable price.  The skull will be caped by a skilled taxidermist.  The hide will be fleshed, professionally tanned, fine tuned and then mounted and finished.  For whitetail deer mounts, customers can choose from various upright, alert sneak, full sneak, half sneak, proud, rut, flehmen, 3-D, turnaround and offset shoulder styles.  Mule deer have similar mounting options.

A minimum deposit of $35 is required at the time the specimen is dropped off.  A 50% deposit is required before any work, besides skinning and caping, begins.  The balance is due at pickup.  If the head is not picked up within two weeks after notification of completion, then an additional $1 per day will be charged as a storage fee until the mount is paid for in full.  If the customer fails to pay for their mount within six months of being notified that it is compete, then the deposit is forfeited and the head mount will become the property of Trophy Specialist Taxidermy and may be sold to cover costs.  Most mounts are completed within 4 months, however it may take over one year to complete a head mount.

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