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Michael Veine
(Licensed, Insured,
Master Taxidermist)
Located in Au Gres, MI
By Appointment Only


Taxidermy Mount Pricing for Mammals

Prices subject to change without notice

Deer (Whitetail and Mule Deer) Head and Shoulder Mounts

Deer - Economy mount $500
    (dry preserved cape, less detail, limited pose choices, upright or semi-sneak )

Deer - High Quality mount  $600
    (professionally tanned cape, extreme detail for lifelike mount, dozens of poses to choose from)

Other Game Heads

Elk $1,100 and Up

Caribou $1,000 and Up

Pronghorn Antelope $650

Moose $1,500 and Up

Boar (pig) $700

Sheep (Bighorn, Stone, Dall, Desert) $750

Mountain Goat $700

Black Bear $650

Brown Bear (Grizzly) $750

Wolf $650

Coyote $550


Skull Cleaning and Whitening (European Mounts)

    includes hanger

Deer $170

Bear $170

Small Animals (coyote, fox....) $150

Big Animals (Elk, Caribou....) $250

Add $50 for lower jaw


Artificial Skull Mounts (European Mounts)

    all that's needed is the antlers (even sheds will work), includes hanger

Deer $200 - $250

Big Animals - $250 - $300


Antler Mounts

    does not include panel, hanger is included

Deer $80

Other Big Game Animals - $100 - $200

Antler Repair, Replica Antlers

We repair broken antler tines at $50 for the first point and then $40 for each additional point.  Broken main beams can also be repaired at $50 per hour plus materials.  These prices are a special to our customers that have contacted for a high quality, shoulder mount.  The price for a stand alone antler repair job is double if not done in conjunction with a HQ shoulder mount.  For main beam repairs or total antler reconstructions, we will need to see the rack and then we will quote the job.  We can very accurately recreate antlers by either molding them for a duplicate of an existing rack or we can even recreate antlers from photos or even just measurements.  Since it takes a lot of time to provide repair or reconstruction estimates, we only do it for serious customers.  If you are just seeking an estimate for insurance or other purposes, then we are happy to do that for a fee.   

Miscellaneous Items

Add $50 for 3D wall pedestal pose (does not include wall plaque).
Add $100 for turn-around (includes required wall plaque)
Add $50 for a table pedestal shoulder mount plus the additional cost of the pedestal chosen.  
Add $100 for mounting the deer head onto a solid oak ($110 for walnut) wall plaque (cheaper plaques are available).  
Add $100 for standard open mouth - browsing or flehmen poses.  
Add $150 for custom open mouth poses.
Add $50 to repair a broken skull plate.
Add $50 to mount sheds plus the cost of the cape.  
Excess repairs including large bullet (or arrow) holes, gouges, cuts, scrapes, hair slippage and other damage will be billed at $50 per hour, plus the cost of materials.  
We also remount existing heads.  We can even supply the cape at an additional charge.  Call or email for prices on capes as they vary with size, quality and availability.  
Add $50 if we skin the entire deer for you (you must be present to take the carcass home).
Add $200 for "Rush" service
We charge a fee of $50 to cape a deer, which includes skinning out the head and rough cape fleshing along with sawing off the antlers, fleshing out the skull plate and treating it with a preservative.
 Add $30 for solid oak plaque for a European, Skull or Antler mount.
Add $40 for a solid walnut panel for a European, Skull or Antler mount.
Add $100 for a wall/table pedestal for European, Skull or Antler mounts.
Add $30 for skull or antler mounts that are received that stink or with the hide dried onto the skull.  If they are real nasty, we don’t want them for any price.
Special: If you provide us with a high quality deer cape we will deduct up to $50 (depending on the size and quality) off the price of either an Antler, European or Skull mount.   Just tell the processor who skins your deer to skin your deer for a head mount with no cuts up the back of the neck and then bring the whole hide and head with antlers in to us.  We will cape it out.  If the cape is large sized and usable for a head mount we will then deduct the trade in value off the price of your antler or European mount.  Only large, adult buck capes with little or no damage are desired.  If the cape is slightly damaged (small cuts, bullet holes, scars, scrapes, missing hair......), but still usable for taxidermy, then we will offer a reduced trade in value.  Here are the taxidermy sizes/values – 19”-$20,  20”-$25, 21”-$30, 22”-$35, 23”$40, 24” - $45, 25”-$50.  Note that this is the circumference of the neck meat at the smallest location just below the ears called the C measurement.  For reference, please note that a 19” cape typically comes from a buck with a dressed weight of 160+ pounds. 


Reproduction (Replica) Fish Mount Pricing

Wall Mount Reproductions:

$22 per inch  (High Quality Reproduction)
both sides of head finished with premium blank and extra detail work (near competition quality), minimum price $250

Pedestal Mount Reproductions:

$26 per inch (High Quality Reproduction)
both sides of entire fish finished for pedestal mount, minimum price $300

There will be an extra charge for driftwood and finished hardwood panels and bases, pedestals and habitats.  

We can reproduce and replicate the following fish: walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, stripped bass (strippers) king salmon, coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead, stream rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout (lake and stream), brook trout, cutthroat trout, slake, northern pike, musky, perch, bluegill, sunfish, rock bass, catfish and more.










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