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Trophy Specialist Taxidermy is all about professionalism with a total commitment to quality customer service not found anywhere else in Michigan.  This taxidermist only uses the finest manikins, fish blanks, equipment, supplies and techniques available for our "High Quality" mounts.  We provide leading edge, deer head mounts crafted to the highest taxidermy standards.  In fact deer head and shoulder mounts are this taxidermists specialty, but we also turn out high quality reproduction fish mounts, antler mounts and European mounts.  You can be assured that your mount will be done by a master taxidermist who really specializes in deer heads and reproduction fish.

High Quality Deer Head and Shoulder Mounts

Our "High Quality" deer head mounts are works of art delivered to customers at competitive commercial rates and with quick turnaround times.  Trophy Specialist Taxidermy will reproduce your deer head to exacting standards of anatomical correctness.  No details are overlooked.  These mounts have full interior nasal detail, interior ear detail and lifelike eyes.  Every detail is included for a true lifelike appearance.  Capes are processed and tanned entirely in-house eliminating the chance of your valuable trophy being lost or damaged by the wholesale tanneries most other taxidermists send their capes out to.  Our patented tanning process beautifully preserves the hair color for an unmatched finished product.  Trophy Specialist Taxidermy's tanning process also eliminates hide shrinkage, so head mounts are large and lifelike.  The cape will have a clean sheen with no fowl odors so common in other taxidermy.  You can also expect that the hair patterns will lay down naturally for a pleasant overall appearance.  We also use the finest (and most expensive) forms, eyes, ear liners, adhesives and other components available.  There are over 100 mount poses and positions customers can choose from.  Our finished mounts truely give customers their money's worth and are considered as investments in artistic craftsmanship; with proper care they will last several lifetimes.

Economy Deer Head and Shoulder Mounts

Finally you have available good looking deer head and shoulder taxidermy at bargain pricing.  These mounts take advantage of modern hide preserving processes and other cost cutting measures to bring the price down to true bargain levels.  Mount poses are limited  to three popular choices.   These mounts will look good and last a long time without breaking the bank. 

Antler Mounts

Our antler mounts are professionally crafted with an eye-catching velvet finish.  We mount your antlers to specially sized mannequin custom fit for your antlers.  A velvet finish is applied and then the mount is trimmed with top of the line, hard to find, decorative braid.  The antler mounts can be hung stand alone, but most customers spring for the optional, high quality oak or walnut plaque, which sets off the antlers beautifully.  

European Mounts and Skull Mounts

First off, the difference between a European mount and a skull mount is that a European mount features a flat mounting surface where the skull is cut in half removing the lower portion of the skull containing the upper teeth.  A skull mount has the entire skull including the upper teeth.  Our skull mounts are cleaned with beatles and whitened for a natural look.  Our European mounts are all done using artificial skulls.  These artificial skulls are superior in every way to natural skulls as they will not yellow, crack or otherwise degrade like real skulls often exhibit over time.  They are cast from real skulls and are very realistic looking and are favored by most of my customers over real skull mounts.  You don't even need the skull for these European mounts and they make a great way to mount old antlers that you have laying around.  We can even mount sheds seamlessly to these artificial skulls.  Both the European and Skull mounts can be hung plain on the wall, but most customers opt for the solid oak or walnut panel, which really highlights them.  We even offer a pedestal mount that can be hung on the wall or adjusted to stand freely on a table top.

Reproduction Fish Mounts

We produce some of the finest fiberglass reproduction fish mounts available anywhere and our prices represent perhaps the best bargain in the taxidermy industry, especially considering the quality of the product.  These fiberglass reproductions are extremely durable too.  The flexible fins and clear coat allows them to take some abuse and still look flawless.  They will last a lifetime; perhaps even many lifetimes, whereas traditional skin mounts typically start deteriorating within a couple years and soon look like junk.  Our fish will actually look alive forever.  The process doesn't get any more simple too.  You don't even have to keep the fish.  Simply take several good closeup photos of your trophy fish right after it is caught.  Then take a length measurement from the tip of the tail to the end of the closed lower jaw.  A girth measurement taken around the widest part of the fish is useful, but not mandatory.  The fish can then be released or cleaned and eaten without any other hassles.  You can just deliver the photos and measurement to Trophy Specialists Taxidermy via email, US Mail, or in person and the mount will be recreated to exacting standards.  When completed you can pick the mount up in person or have it delivered to your desired location (shipping and handling charges applicable).  Now is that simple or what?   

We can reproduce the following fish: walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, stripped bass (strippers) king salmon, coho salmon, atlantic salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead, stream rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout (lake and stream), brook trout, cutthroat trout, splake, northern pike, musky, perch, bluegill, sunfish, rock bass, catfish and more.  We can even do saltwater fish, however we do specialize in fish that are found in the Great Lakes region.

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